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    I have been asked if all of my knives are for sale.  Well, the answer is "Yes".  Everything must have its price.  However, just as most collectors, I have my favorites and will indicate a NYFS (not  yet for sale) when I really have little or no interest in selling at this time.  This would suggest to a potential buyer that the piece is close to my heart and that I am not ready to sell it unless a really great offer was made that I just could not refuse.  Over time I find that I am willing to part with a knife that earlier I was not.

To purchase a knife, please send me an e-mail to dnknives@aol.com or call me on my cell at 818 261-2755  I would prefer payments by cashier's check, money order or by personal check in some cases.  It can take up to two weeks for a personal check to clear so I suggest a cashier's check.

Feel free to take up to 3 days to review the knife and notify me if you are not satisfied in any way.  The knife must be returned to me within 5 days from date of notification and in the same condition as it was received.  I suggest USPS with a tracking number.

Best Regards,

Dave Nittinger