Kansei NYS with snap sheath.Steel is ATS34... Engraving of bolster and pins by Chiwiwi, Bosque Farms N.M. HE is one of the finest in the state. Great Vivonite in the mammoth ivory. $1,800*** Shun Fujisaka~Don Humes Solvang Connection-NYFS Jim Ence from long long ago. Not for Sale. Just enjoy it


W.D. Pease New York Special with Mokume, thong hole Moasic-CPM154 and beautiful Mother of Pearl. 


Tai Goo Cigarette Knife. From Don Hume Solvang Connection NYFS
Jim Jacks with Stelite 6K blade.For Sale $550 *** Shun Fujikawa (Japan) with great looking Stingray.  

Winner of BEST OF SHOW Koji Hara Solvang 2010. Here are two Chute Knives showing that koji can do fixed blades as well as folders.$2800*** Loveless-Merritt Logo-Very Rare with engraving & gold work by Gil Rudolph Engraving and 24 ct gold on pins and in guard inside florals. Stag is matching and simply georgous with a beautiful hardwood display case.

For Sale-@ $7,800 SOLD

Jim Ence Pic #2 Fantastic Agate from China -Gold wire wrap with Jim's engraving, gold inlay on blade and gold nuggets on pommel.  Just an incredible dagger. 8&1/2" blade with 14" oal. $7,850
Another Lloyd Hale Masterpiece. 8/2012~
Click on pic to enlarge, a must see.For Sale See Page 6 I asked Lloyd to try mounting the MOP on the top of the blade. Yep~
  I say again for another look-Ron BEST at his BEST~In the style of Wolfgang Loerchner.  $8,500**
Curt Erickson SOLD How good does it get!  Just an incredible fighter by an incredible maker.  For Sale $3,250***SOLD Joe Kious set of two Daggers from his early years. 13" & 10.5"oal with Oosic handles/silver wire inlays, nickel silver hilt, collar & pommel. Fancy brass filed spacers/ (click for enlargement)***
Pictured here is a Rare Loveless/Merritt (center) with gold & engraving by Gil Rudolph and two drop points guarded by two of the new 4" and 5" Boots on the outside. Stan Fujisaka Dagger. Similiar to our other one and guess what? another one coming soon. Many collectors today do not remember when Stan created DAGGERS, but he did and he did it so well!. Bruce Shaw engraving.   Created in April 1994  NOT FOR SALE
King TuT Dagger Will consider making you equally happy to purchase one of these now or wait 6 months to order one with a 3 yr waiting list~
Two more John Youngs / The bottom one is his special Chute knife with Sub Hilts.  Top NFS, bottom available.  If there is a future Bob Loveless today it is most certain John.  His prices are going higher every year!**Bottom SOLD Incredible John Young with sheep horn:Top = 14" oal                  
Bottom= 11&1/2" oal and polished sheep horn  F/S but Very Expensive
Top=John Young and bottom is an incredible piece by Thad Buchanan  FOR SALE
The Master of Art Daggers today is Curt Erickson along with his wife Julie Warenski.  Make me an offer (shown below)SOLD SOLD

Gil Hibben Rambo of course. One is sharp & the other just goes BANG!  NOT FOR SALE

Here with a Thad Buchanan & a John Young along with their protector.
Tim Withers does it again! The fighter on the bottom I have had for a few months. Now we get a fantastic sub hilt~ to make matters worse, Dan Delevan bought out half his table at Dan's own show. Oh, Dan has sold them "all" Go Figure? Tim is happy, Dan & I am happy-ARE U   For Sale John Young says~ WoW and so do I.  Two of the sub hilts are with his "Signature Logo" (Very Rare). The two New York Specials are absolutely incredible. Yes, John Young even signs his sheaths toooooo. These of course have the Lovelss snaps.
Buster Warenski: This sword is mid 70's vintage and was sold at auction in late (70's) renowned auction of Dr Jack Holfield's collection. $ ***For Sale, see P6
An incredible piece of carved Ivory Looks Great with Busters best friend Jim Ence  another legend as well. Here is Jim's Jade Battle Axe Buster Warenski with his Sterling Silver Basket Hilt guard & a nice diamond in the center ~
Pro Techs TR4 with Shaw designed sterling silver skulls Bottom is Ron Best does his Best with this incredible designed auto. You have to see this up close~Just Marvelous. For Sale
Randy Lee with this incredible set.Box Elder Eboney, yellow amber, fire amber,nickel silver fittings. For Sale ***TOP Sold Blades are 154 CPM & the fantastic sheaths by wife Sonja. For Sale  $1090 Nope-slash that price down again to  $875*** SOLD  
Curt Erickson Julie Warenski Petersite Dagger with an incredible sheath (shown below on another row). TEN large diamonds & one emrald on sheath showcase Art Dagger along with Julie's gold overlay For Sale$8,888 Erickson/Warenski Magnificent Dagger & Sheath with over 9 diamonds and a pound of Love as it was created ENLARGE pic to see the fantastic engraving on this sheath with a Sapphire in the middle.  SEE BELOW  SOLD  SOLD  SOLD Curt Erickson/Julie with a 8&3/4" oal -Carved MOP /416ss bolsters carved & engraved with gold inlay. $2,650 SOLD
Koji Hara Baby Bear Sub Hilt-If you are not familiar with Koji he is in my opinion the #1 art knife maker in Japan.  He is featured in more articles from both Japan and the USA. If you scroll down three or four more rows below you will see just how perfect his fit and finish along with his desire to make something that has never been done B4 What we have here is a very special GOLD Lip pearl from Japan. This Gold Lip has blue's and green's in it along with the Gold Koji attends 10+ shows a year both here in the United States as well as Europe and Japan. Koji- Please move here to Calif so we can see so much more of you and your talents~  -  Stan Fujisaka Maker shows off his Judy Beaver "The Birds & the Bee's on top  Not for sale at this time. Bottom is another Fujisaka with the Hummingbird theme's both sides Bottom.
PRESENTATION AA Mother of Pearl. Just Fantastic!  Finely ground blade in Mosaic Damascus both blade & Bolster.File work on back spring.
IT just does not get any better than this! Click on to Enlarge  5&1/2" Blade//10.5oalThe fit and finish inside of frame is nicely done.



Koji Hara's SON Dew with his newest flipper  Sold button lock  $1,250
TIM WITHERS & a beautiful Sub Hilt Baby Bear with presentation grade MOTHER OF PEARL.  OAL is 9&1/2"  SOLD TIM WITHERS DOES IT AGAIN. HE also built one heck of a sheath that the steel will never lay in.......Go three rows down for more Baby Bears by Tim Next up comes a Hideout. Stay tuned.SOLD Dan Delevan Show in Oct will get you a chance to meet Dew. His knives are incredible!***Sold
Perhaps the finest Bob Lum you will ever see.this  beautiful 12" oal with a 6&1/4" blade is as good as it gets!  Offer considered 



Bob Lum is just magnificent. It is also very note SOLD worthy to point out that Bob was one of the nicest people you could ever meet  

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