New=Fred Carter, Jim Ence, Steve Likarich, Bob Loveless, C Gray Taylor, Buster Warenski

Fred Carter with an amazing Dagger. For Sale $4,500 Enlarge for engraving detail  
Jim Ence and his world of Emralds For Sale  $3,500 20 Emralds & 10 diamonds incased in gold with Jade handle Yes-For Sale Steve Likarich with an early piece and 100% his work. WoW  $750 SOLD  
Likarich-Full view & For Sale SOLD Steve Likarich always used the finest Black Lip Pearl. For Sale $1,450 Yes, this ring beauty has his unbelieveable file work-hrs & hrs.
Bob Loveless with an early Riverside nude logo (slight small crack in stag, With sheath  $3800 Right Again! For Sale  
RICK SCHMIDT-hitefish MT.  $650 for both. Sold as a set. OH MY! One of the greatest makers alive today.  C Gray Taylor. For Sale OAL of 8&1/2" For Sale $3,200
Moran and his very famous St-23 fighter style Blade  & his curly Maple with Silver wire wrap handle is showcased here. ENLARGE to fully enjoy ***SOLD Moran & Loveless-The TOP TWO always amaze us with their beauty. YES- FOR SALE $6,995.00SOLD Five Beauties known as "Baby Bears"-The one in the middle is created by "TIM WITHERS" & is very difficult to get due to his time restraints. Yes, they are all special pieces of ART. 
Jimmy Lile (no dot) SOLD    
OOPS, hiding away between the two great makers above is a wonderful Jimmy Lile for sale at $650  SOLD

Beautiful silver wire wrap and fully engraved by Julie Warenski.  The guard is 14 ct gold For Sale at a good price. $8,600
Buster Warenski Zoom for close up.  The oal is 10.5" with 5.5" blade AND a GOLD sheath.   
JIM ENCE show cases one of his great sheath Daggers.  Also for sale.  For Sale at $2,400
JIM ENCE but here he is fully dressed.  Great Piece.

Great Black Lip Pearl is very very hard to find.  Koji found it!!!Koji comes to 9 or 10 U.S. shows a year to order yours now. Koji Hara Baby Bear Sub Hilt. Showcasing the Black Lip Pearl. Very rare to find these color tones. enlarge. Not for sale
John Young with his newest model created after a similiar piece by Steve Johnson $5,000*** Darom's ART KNIVES 111 Buster Warenski & his Famous "Fighting Canes" scene. Only three of these were made by Buster.****** Very few Buster knives are still available with his own endgraving! This is 1. "THE BODYGUARD is the Intergal of all time. Overall length is 14", The carvings and file work are perfect & this Persian Dagger now has a home with the three Likarich's  FOR SALE $3,750
Paolo Gidoni-Full integral Fighter with Eng by Lionello Sabatti $4,995 To fully appreciate "enlarge" to view this incredible high relief engraving. W.D. Pease does it again. Beautiful Gold Lip MOP to go with a matching Sub Hilt Baby bear(below) this one is SOLD
Joel Chamblin shows his full range of talents here with the finest presentation grade stag seen in a very long time. Fit & finish is a "10". Just "Wow"For Sale $895 You can see why~ Yes, this is an integral. His work is far beyond what can normally be done with one piece of 440C. SOLD Whats better than one Master Smith named "Ron Newton"? Well, how about TWO-A NYS and a Hideout. These two are very special as in FANTASTIC! Enjoy FOR SALE
This piece represents knife #4000 owned by Eric Meyer//(Eric Meyer was the largest collector in the world of art and collectable knives until his death a few yrs ago.) and has the box name plate signed by Herman Schneider.





Herman Schneider is a legend and this is one great example of why~ This Dagger was made for Eric Meyer (the world's largest collector) and was #4000 which is so indicated on the display Box.This is of course the Rain drop pattern and it doesn't get any better than this. WoW    AND, go to Page 3 to see The Original Display Box that goes with this beauty.   includes hand made display box.
ALSO FROM THE PHIL LOBRED COLLECTION  : Jim Ence Price  Poppy handle  5&3/4" blade oal of 10&1/2", silver hilt, gold inlay, silver sheath. Provenance: Custom Fixed Blade Kinves-David Darom-Page 121
 ***Phil  Stated that of all the carved handle knives of the 1850's this was his favorite. FOR SALE $6,500


What's Better than a "W.D. Pease" with Gold Lip MOP?  Why TWO integrals with a Sub Hilt and gold pins of course.  Nobody does it BETTER.$1,875 ea Top is SOLD FROM THE PHIL LOBRED Collection  ~Michael Price California Bowie: Buster Warenski Famous Fighting Canes scene :Knives Annual '82   & Ence Gold Quartz-call for price on Ence TIM WITHERS ~The new star among stars. Shown here in both green micarta and beautiful Desert Ironwood scales.  You can order directly from Tim at 209-470-2047 $565 Now $499



Dan Keyes-"The Lady in Black (Widow). Great piece-NFS Lady in Black laid to rest in her Coffin. Jim Weyer Book IV (upper right) Enlarge pic
Herman Schneider & one of his famous Daggers:This one is FOR SALE at a great price. Bring band aids as this one's Blood Groove is for real. Great Work Herman. OAL is 14&1/8th" with blade of 8&3/4"  FOR SALE  The Red eyes in the skull will send you a message-Open with caution!  Not for sale but fun to enjoy!

Bill Ankrom engraved Chute with great Desert Ironwood and parachute holes 9!/4" 4 1/2" blade Engraving by  Bruce  Christensen  **$1,250

Jim Sornberger Blade Mag7/98
Engraving by maker/ Handle-Lapis, Sugulite,and  Amber/ David Darom's Book IV Great Collections 6/07 For Sale $1,875

Masao T with ZDP 189 powder -great stag not laminated.Page # *** fkFor Sale  $1,650**

TR-2 PK Print Anodized Custom with solid Aluminum handle/mirror Polished finish & custom anodize.  For Sale $350 ea

TR-2 Custom Anodized by Peter Kellett, inlay push button and Satin Blade.  Must ENLARGE  to enjoy all those Skulls. BRIAN TIGHE does it again with his great flipper. Note the one below is already sold (5 rows below) but this one is still available at a good price. For Sale***$745  SOLD
Dan Keyes  has an international reputation for "The Count"  This piece took hundreds of hrs in creating and has a full length Casket as does his dagger shown below.  Blade Jan 2017 OAL of 38" of 440 SS; engraved with cobweb pattern/wt less than 5 lbs. Skull is powder coated & has 8 ss spikes. Eyes are LED bulbs.Gothic Theme over 700 hrs to create.$15,000 Blade Magazine Jan 2017 issue, back page: titled "DOWN FOR THE COUNT".  Get ready for Halloween with Dan Keyes Skull Sword You get the full size Coffin & Old Man in the picture toooo.
Lloyd Hale & his Magnificent Pair-Desert Ironwood Here we show the top side with great detail. Enlarge to enjoy! Lloyd spends many hours creating these with both file work &the inlay throughout 
Flip them over and you find the same hrs & hrs of inlay. E mail if interested $$$ LLoyd Hale:  This is why we refer to our world as "ART KNIVES"
Jim Ence created one of the most fantastic Gold Quartz Daggers  with the Gold Miner carved into the blade David Darom Book IV Great Collections. P183 This creation took weeks of working daily including the gold inlay/overlays. The Gold Quartz handle -Material by Jan Garvis. Just fantastic.
Curt Erickson & Julie Warenski on the cover of 2018. Get your copy now-Call Dave Harvey @ Nordic Knives, Dan Delevan @ Plaza or  Joe Kertzman direct & Thanks for enjoying my Site! Now on the cover of Knives Annual Book 2018 Curt Erickson & Julie Warenski presents:FANTASY DAGGER, Handle is premium grade Moss agate, Fittings are hot blued & solid silver accents. Engraved & gold background- From the Solvang Art Knife Invitational show in Solvang, Ca.  Yellow Sapphire gemstones set in the hot blued blade insert. Large Citrine gemstone set in the pommel. This very large and beautiful Dagger measures 19" overall  The large sterling Silver inlays are engraved & filigreed with Gold background.  The wonderful team of Curt & Julie continue to inspire us with the World of DAGGERS

Stan Fujisaka's "The Birds and the Bees"  Over the years I have been asked to part with this fantastic piece & now its here. Judy Beaver took over 145 hrs to complete the engraving.  SOLD


STAN FUJISAKA does it again!  This time the theme is Bumble Bee's vs Humming Birds ~ A 3" blade with an OAL of 7".  It is truly another incredible work of art of Judy Beaver and Stan's desire to showcase the best.

This is the flip side showing Judy's imagination and talent.  The Mother of Pearl is AA Presentation Grade and is as good as it gets!  A very special display case was created just for this wonderful piece of ART. 
THE ONE & ONLY:BUSTER WARENSKI This sword is mid 70's vintage and was sold at auction in late (70's) renowned auction of Dr Jack Holfield's collection. $17,875 ***
Buster Warenski-Incredible basket hilt sword-One of only three in his lifetime ever created.  Silver Sterling includes a beautiful diamond at the back of the handle graded D in color chart.  Overall length is 36" and comes with a beautiful Black leather sheath also in Sterling Silver. Please, serious offers only.  $17,875 OBO. 
Marfione's Matrix & Starlord-Both for sale


Matrix is $1,850 and Starlord is $2,150





Matrix High Polish & Starlord DLC Mirror Plish Elmax Carbon Fiber w/Flamed TI HW S/N 030 






Anthony Marfione Jr. Now Heretic Knives (Enlarge for better viewing)  this beautiful piece opens as smooth as silk. Met Anthony at the Delevan show a week ago. The Engraving next to it is from Jim Sornberger/Master Engraver & knife maker #1

Marfione Starlord DLC Mirror Polish Elmax Carbon Fiber w/ Flamed Ti HW S/ 030  For Sale  $2,150 Marfione Starlord backside view.  There is very little to be said about any of the Marfione's.  Very hard to find. Blade has a black chrome finish(DLC) and is stunning! Marfione  MATRIX-Put side to side with the Starlord, they look like Twins.  Just Fantastic together Enlarge for better viewing.For Sale $1850
Koji Hara's Haniwa Dagger. Mirror polished spear point fixed blade dagger. Fujin & Raijin drawn on both sides of the MOP.  Comes with a stainless steel sheath.OAL is 204mm & blade is 107mm. Got it???



Fujin is the Japanese God of Wind and Raijin us God of Thunder. Handle is 316 stainless Blade is M390. The MOP is  just incredible. How Koji can draw all of this into the pearl is a trade secret & you would have to go to JAPAN to discover. KOJI HARA IS ICHIBAN  #



Thad Buchanan does it again!
6" Blade and 11" OAL
It doesn't get any Better than this! Brad has won 'Best Fixed Blade at Blade show west in 2006,2008,2010,2011Stock removal,high polish, hunters & Fighters after Loveless Pattern.

Max Berger's -"Bad Attitude" fighter.  Of course he won the trophy.Max WON the WOODEN SWORD AWARD in 2012. First time in 32 yrs ever given for a fantasy knife.

Max Berger and Wolf Loerchner have something in common. WoW, what a piece of ART.  More on the Wooden Sword award- For $4,500 YOU can own this incredible piece.


What is better than ONE? Why two of course. Which is your favorite?  Bottom available for $4,000



Max Berger almost always wins a trophy at the Pasadena show ea & every year.






Pro Tech TR4 Splash Skull // Take your PICK! $445.00   TOP SOLD





You have got to be kidding! Spencer Hoglund  (2011 Overall World Champion Cowboy action shooting & Jim Hoag (world Famous Gunsmith & Myself holding his very first 1911 .45 Colt 8" Ask ME?
Lamont Coombs with Raluca Markow's Scrim on Pearl (See below) down 3 & 4 rows.....She also did Stan Fujisaka's -4 rows below. Raluca Markow and her cats hiding in the grass. Call me for getting her to do your Scrim on Pearl.  $1,795


Is this for real? A fantastic John Young Sub Hilt Baby Bear with an oal of just 9".

John Young just continues to amaze us with new styles, shapes,etc. Many more shown below.Possibly  For Sale??? Coombs shows off his mother of pearl along with two cats that have been scrimshawed into the pearl itself. Enlarge to see this cat close up. F/sale
Lamont Coombs cats literally jump out at you inside this beautiful pearl. Call me for info on Raluca Markow the Scrimshaw Artist that can do it all. Contact for price For Sale**

  Raluca Markow is the only Scrimshaw artist we know that does it on Mother of Pearl. The bottom is also Stan Fujisaka AND may be For Sale soon. U will see much more of her in the coming months.
Ron Skaggs created two beautiful fully carved cats in 1977 Scrim is colored with India Inks & Handmade Belt buckles with sterling Silver SOLD Imel's both Sold Billy Mace Imel with the Body Guards to one of the FOUR KACHINA's also created by Imel.**


Bill Luckett makes the most exciting fighters & Bowie's second to none.  9& 1/2" blade & 15"oal 
Ron Best has just created the 'impossible'.  It is a 10" oal Jasper & Pen shell folding Dagger Masterpiece with gold overlay & literally  layers of TNT Damasteel in the handle with dense twist damasteel blade. YOU must enlarge your picture to see this at its finest.



Ron Best at his Best. Incredible abalone with lots of  gold work along the way.  Ron has won the WW CRONK award twice~in '07 & '08.He uses no milling machines, by hand with files and sandpaper. YOU can meet Ron in two weeks at the Blade show, if you can locate him surrounded by collectors from all over the planet.  $8,500 for Green Abalone


Ron Best needs to change his last name as "His Best" just keeps getting Better.  How about "Ron the Icchi Ban Master.  $8,500**Knives Annual 2015 P.147



Looks fantastic in the closed position as well



Olamic Cutlery-Scales are one with Silver twill &  two with G10 &  C-tec/CPM154 blade on caged bearing titanium liners/backspacer. None better at these prices Titanium//Clips are all stainless  Vagino Design. FOR SALE



W. D. Pease- YES, this is truly PURPLE  Fresh Water Mother of Pearl :Note the back spacer artfully filed in the Pease tradition. His attention to detail is second to none. Bills prices are $500 to over $3000.00

Robert Eggerling Mosaic Damascus-Blade steel CPM154 & oal of 6&1/2". Blade 3.00". This sits so nicely to my Pease New York Special-also in Purple Mother of Pearl.  Bill started out in 1970 and has been a full time maker for yrs



W.D. Pease is currently the only maker known to use this great color.  ALL SCREWS are gold plated. Bill specializes in Display quality working folders but also in high end and fighters, tantos and Boots.   $1,795. 00



Steve Jernigan MOP beauties  The top is 2&3/4"x 6&3/8s oal w/fancy filed SS steel thumb stud, milled & anodized titanium bolsters w/Pink sea snail shell scales. Jeweled & anodized titanium liners. For Sale  top 595 bottom $695 Steve Jernigan (Top) 3&3/8sx7&3/4s oal with great MOP. Featured in Weyers Book IV Page 182.  Both of these were originally purchased by the World's Largest collector Eric Meyer (now deceased). Jeweled & anodized  FOR SALE liners/bolsters.**  

Vagnino Design- Newest model by OLAMIC-Wayfarer Titanium bolsters,back strap & liners. G10 scales textured Purple & Black. Thumb notched blade spine.4&1/8" bl and 9&1/4"oal-blade of CPM154//SS pocket clip. S/N #674 $675  , See 3rd row from top-middle for other two Olamic's

W.E. Ankrom shows off his perfect and absolutely fantastic Chute knife with the finest mother of pearl in the Paul Long sheath and the pearl scale handles.Satin finish blade 7&5/8s Oal Tapered tang and SS hilt See above for after Gil Rudolph engraving***




Bill Ankrom's Chute will look a lot different in the not too distant future with one of the finest engravers working on this as we speak.  Gil Rudolph will turn this into a Masterpiece-Soon. PAUL LONG's sheath is also a work of art. Bill's fit & finish is as perfect as it gets!




Joe Kious famous from many years back with his beautiful and marvelous daggers.


Here we have an 8" oal along with his buddy - a 6".  Oosic handles with silver wire wrap and great filed guards.***




AND of course all of those beautiful magic rocks you see below are for sale. Just send me a blank check and I will fill in the amt.




John Young  with a Very Nice Mother of Pearl-that certainly qualifies as Presentation Grade NFS

New York Special in the very finest along with the original pattern of the most famous of all-Bob Loveless.  Yes, this could be yours but at a high price. Why of course John built this with the original 'snap sheath' Soon this will be also a 'Signed Sheath' just as soon as I can get John down from the mountain top looking for those Big Horn Sheep.

Jim & Buster ~~~The Early Days For Sale  Buster Warenski Fighting Canes scene

Jim & Buster grew up together and learned from each others art masterpieces. Half Breed by Pro Tech-Cal Legal with extra large handle

$225  ***



Purple M OP. BY Bill Pease. Unbelieveable!

$1,000    SOLD


Herman Schneider: SS hilt, collar, and pommel with color relief engraved by master engraver Gary Blanchard. Spiral fluted fossil walrun ivory handle, gold wire wrap and gold spacers. Excellent flet lined nickel silver sheath with matching engraving. NOT FOR SALE Herman Schneider is a legend and this is one great example of why~This is of course the Rain drop pattern and it doesn't get any better than this. WoW Note: AND, go to Page 4 to see The Original Display Box that goes with this beauty.  FOR SALE



Gil Hibben -Small is MIGHTY.OAL of 5 & 1/2". Fossil Ivory  Sold

Dave Ellis and one of his 4 Chef Knives. This one took the Delevan show by STORM. Maybe For Sale?Sold Dennis Freidly-Just plain beautiful.
"The Four Kachina's" Series. Gary Blanchard used this as his first project where he used ceramic resin in the head-dress instead of Red Coral to get the needed detail. Other inlays are of Red Coral, turquoise, black buffalo horn,  & 24ct gold. There are 1500 beaded bands individually hand sanded & fitted into place. The makers were able to choose their own Kachina's
1st=Willie Rigney,White Buffalo Dancer// Next was Jim Ence with The Eagle Kachina & third came  Billy Mace Imel "The Sun Kachina & finally was Gary Blanchard's "The Broad Faced Kachina."  $135,000.00

"THE SUN KACHINA" by Billy Mace Imel created this masterpiece. Handle is Black Buffalo Horn as are the balls of the guard & pommel. 537 HOURS went into this creation.  The original first three by Willie Rigney, Jim Ence & Imel were requested by J.W. Bailey at the Anaheim show in early '85 Gary did all the carvings with specific requirements for the shape & detail // The project took 7 years from beginning to end with over 1872 total hours by these four great makers.  Gary was told by the steel company that the process of carving into the steel was impossible yet here it is today! *Photo by Hiro Soga*



Eric Meyer~~~A few years down the road, Eric Meyer (The world's largest collector) entered the picture , purchased the three & asked Gary to do a 4th since he was the creator. The project was completed  after 7 years & Eric Meyer took the Four Kacina's home to Switzerland! ***Later to his home in N.Y. & his ranch in Michigan.  Today, they reside here in Chatsworth, Ca & Simi Valley with their new parents Dave Nittinger & Rick Monsour.  See all four of this masterpiece in the rows below.  They will be on Display at the Delevan Show in October 2014.





Joe Kious Matching Set~ 16" &10&5/8" oal-Mirror polished hollow grinds, satin finished flats. 



Joe Kious Daggers~~~Stainless steel hilt, collar and pommel with fancy rope filed brass spacers.  You have got to see this pair together and you will understand why Kious is in such demand. 



Joe Kious used Spiral fluted coco bolo wood for the handle with twisted gold wire wrap.  Comes with a padded storage pouch, no sheath HOWEVER a fantastic Display Case for this Fantastic PAIR 



Mamoru Shigeno ~ is 38 yrs old born in 1976. He has been making knives for 15 yrs taught by Matrix-Aida the brother of the President knife maker in Japan. His attention to detail will amaze you and I am so very happy to see Mamoru coming to shows here in So Calif.  $7,900









Mamoru Shigeno's father has been a violin manufacture in Japan.  I am very pleased to hear that he is interested in attending the Dan Delevan Show in October.  California Collectors will be very pleased to have an opportunity to purchase a knife from this most talented artist. The above two art fighters are from the Solvang Show & I was lucky enough to have my name drawn on each.  My only question now to Mamoru is does he make folders as beautiful as these fighters?  David Darom's ART KNIVES BK 111NOT FOR SALE  

















Japan's Mamoru Shigeno"Special Fighter" 6" blade, ATS34 Stainless fittings  handle ~with leather sheath NYFS Enlarge to get better image! Mamoru is in the same class as Koji Hara-They are both "ichi ban! #1  Solvang 2014 Art knife Invitational Mamoru  Shigeno Special Big Fighter! 11" blade and 16.5" oal. ATS34/stainless steel fittings and great Stag handle/ leather sheath 



Mamoru Shigeno is one of the very best for fit/finish and everyone wanted these two knives. He is relatively new to American knife community but won't be for long.



Sir Lloyd Hale does it again! I have waited a yr & a half & now its here. How does he do it? Photo's by Coop coming soon!  ***Will Trade for S series Mercedes or Tesla! (Not from the Solvang show)


The Solvang gang (collectors & makers alike) studied this masterpiece and they all agreed~ There is no one on the planet today like Sir Hale : Dear Lloyd, please start my Dagger sometime in the next few years! Thanks.



His hours and hours are truly tested when you see how many tiny pieces of Pearl are inserted into this Picasso! WOW. I have been collecting "Lloyd Hale knives" for some time now and I can tell you that when YOU receive a 'Hale' it is your birthday & Xmas all wrapped in one! He is certainly one of the most talented makers of all time! 

CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE Kachina's Set of 4. J.W. Bailey, a San Diego Collector commissioned the Kachina pieces back in the 1980s and eventually sold them to Eric Meyer.  (Back Side Viewing). With Eric Meyer these beauties have lived in Switzerland, NY, Michigan. They are finally home in Calif~  For Sale-call for pricing on the 4 piece set



GARY BLANCHARD:The Four great makers were asked and agreed to work on this project: Each knife started out with one piece of steel and Gary started his carvings. Gary spent 400 hrs on just the carving of one of these~

WILLIE RIGNEY: "White Buffalo Dancer" Still known today as one of the finest dagger makers alive.  The First of the Four Kachina's  //Blade Magazine Cover 12/1986// Willie was a P/T maker up to this point & he credits this project as his becoming full time and reputation  thereof. *Jim Weyer books 3 & 4  and Blade magazine December 1987-Also Cover


BILLY MACE IMEL ~the colors and detail is just described as "Incredible". The Second one made in the Series Note: Gary used over 3000 beads. Handle is Black Buffalo Horn/ Resin & Red Coral -NOT paint.                       




JIM ENCE  "Eagle Dancer" **Just spoke with Dorthy Ence. She is so very happy they have been re born here in Calif. ~ (Made about the same time as Billy Mace Imel's.  Note:  Eric Meyer then asked Gary if he would create the 4th & final one in the series since all the carving was his work alone.  Knives Illustrated Spring 1988 -Cover

Dave Nittinger & Rick Monsour Presents ~~~

     The Four Kachina's

One of the most significant Art Knife Creations to date: Once owned by the world's largest Knife Collector, "Eric Meyer". They have traveled around the world from Switzerland to New York, as well as his ranch in Michigan and finally back to California where it all began!

Click to Read

  Eric Meyer- In the mid '80's Eric Meyer paid $60,000 for the set of 4. He agreed to this providing that Gary Blanchard would create the 4th and final Dagger. Gary agreed and the rest became History~ Prior to the purchase by Rick & myself and displaying them for public view, Gary has indicated

**THE 4 Kachina's** will again be on display at the Dan Delevan Show in October 2014 Gary Blanchard has been invited to attend this historic event. that prior to this, he has never seen the Four Kachina's together as a set. We hereby "Honor" the creator & finest carver/engraver in the world today by this display.

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