Randall Knives


 Model 15 Airman (made for pilots) '68-'69 Vietnam-Soligen  steel & included is J Leepers MP Badges SHIRT US ARMY

MODEL # 1 -B4 1963  Heiser Brown Button sheath  NOT YET FOR SALE, advise if interested. ' Model # 1 - 1963 Randall with Brown Button sheath SOLD
Model # 1"Attack" 1943 Cigar style WW11 Heiser Sheath (this one made Randall famous-owner Wood in Pattons third army Poss for sale. SOLD


Model #2 Stelleto- '1950s Heiser Brown Button Sheath $3,999


Model #2 1957 Glenn Robbins-Sheath is the Heiser with old Bar Stamp (Special order) Very Rare $2,000 SOLD
Model #1  1968 Randall Wax Rivited Sheath Rare-$2,000 SOLD Model #14 Survival -Named "Clark" on sheath Letter-Shot down twice with this knife) 5yr order rule=Soligen blade Micarta Handle $1,800 SOLD Model #15Tenite Handle (Rare) Rivited Brown Button VERY VERY rare (only 300 made) CIA  Not yet for sale but feel free to make offers.



Model #24 Proto type Ivorite handle Only 9 made and this one included in auction book  $2,500 (this will sell FAST) great book.


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