Dennis Friedly-Blade 12/91
/Gold Nuggets are Jewelry quality/ For Sale  as a set. $5,250
Bill Ankrom engraved Chute with great Desert Ironwood and parachute holes 9!/4" 4 1/2" blade Engraving by  Bruce  Christensen For Sale $1,244 Masao T with ZDP 189 powder -great stag not laminated.Page #1
For Sale$1650**

SP $1450

Winner of BEST OF SHOW Koji Hara Solvang 2010. Here are two Chute Knives showing that koji can do fixed blades as well as folders
$2,795 pair **

SP $3,600

Willie Rigney's Famous Ring Dagger pierced & engraved blade made of 440c stainless. Blade is 12" & oal is 18". $12,500

SP 11,500

Jim Sornberger Blade Mag7/98
Engraving by maker/ Handle-Lapis, Sugulite, & Amber/ David Darom's Book IV Great Collections 6/07

SP $1650

Another look at the workmanship with Dennis and his never ending creativity and detail. 


TIM WITHERS ~The new star among stars. Shown here in both green micarta and beautiful Desert Ironwood scales.  You can order directly from Tim at 209-470-2047For Sale  $725top ***

SP $595

S.H. White from W.V.

SP $1,999

Masao sub hilt 11 inch overall with 61/2 inch blade. .. This fighter is incredible.  Masao makes very few knives a year and travels to fewer shows. Deceased Maker 12/2013For Sale  $2,150 ***

SP $1875

Sir Donald Hume ~The "Corn Maiden"  15" oal ~Jim Ferguson twisted nickel damascus blade with two rings of gold nuggets and gold inlay by the famous ALVIN CHEWIWI, a lignum vitae handle shaped like a corn husk and a gold plated bronze pommel carved to depict a 'corn maiden'~Completed in 2012 prior to his death in April. Here he lives on!FOR SALE 

SP $4000

Japan's #1 Sword Maker-YOSHINDO YOSHIHARA~

Don Hume's Solvang Connection-in Japanese script "Number One in the World"  ***

SP $1,355

Ron Best has just created the 'impossible'.  It is a 10" oal Jasper & Pen shell folding Dagger Masterpiece with gold overlay & literally  layers of TNT Damasteel in the handle with dense twist damasteel blade. YOU must enlarge your picture to see this at its finest.  $7,600
Ron Best at his Best. Incredible abalone with lots of  gold work along the way.  Ron has won the WW CRONK award twice~in '07 & '08.He uses no milling machines, by hand with files and sandpaper. YOU can meet Ron in two weeks at the Blade show, if you can locate him surrounded by collectors from all over the planet.   For Sale $8195 Now $7450
John Young with his newest model created after a similiar piece by Steve Johnson  P.45 in Darom's  ART KNIVES 111 This is John Young's #1 of this model-completed in 2014   For SALE $4600



Jim & Buster ~~~The Early Days  Buster Warenski Fighting Canes scene  VERY RARE WARENSKI SP $12,850
Buster Warenski & his Famous "Fighting Canes" scene. NOTE: This is an original B4 Julie. Buster did it all. The Mastadon Ivory is perfect as are the gold pins and shield.




Jim Ence created one of the most fantastic Gold Quartz Daggers  with the Gold Miner carved into the blade
//David Darom Book "Great Collections"


Jim Ence  NYFS  AKI Knife
"THIRTY-THREE EMERALDS"Alaskan Jade handle with gold trim on top of blade/David Daroms Book IV Great Collections $24,500






Mamoru Shigeno ~ is 38 yrs old born in 1976. He has been making knives for 15 yrs taught by Matrix-Aida the brother of the President knife maker in Japan. His attention to detail will amaze you and I am so very happy to see Mamoru coming to shows here in So Calif. 


Mamoru Shigeno's father has been a violin manufacture in Japan.    The above two art fighters are from the Solvang Show of 2014   Presented in David Darom's ART KNIVES 111 on Page260 SPecial $6,578





The Solvang gang (collectors & makers alike) studied this masterpiece and they all agreed~ There is no one on the planet today like Sir Hale : Dear Lloyd, please start my Dagger sometime in the next few years! Thanks.
A Fantastic Dagger & sheath by Curt Erickson & Julie Warenski.  Embellished with 10 Diamonds and a Blue Topaz enhanced by some incredible Julie engraving. Handle is Petersite and Yes, lots of gold work. For Sale $8,888  SOLD



BusterWarenski & his Paper weight sheath is blued steel with genuine amber cabochon 24ct gold inlay $17,500 From the AKI show in San Diego SOLD



Willie Rigney's Famous Ring Dagger pierced & engraved blade made of 440c stainless. Blade is 12" & oal is 18". Another AKI work of art. Fittings are made of 416 stainless steel with sculptured floral engravings set with sapphires. $11,500
Handle is Black Jade & all engraving by Julie Warenski. 15 Sapphires set in ring, guard and pommel.
"THE SUN KACHINA" by Billy Mace Imel created this masterpiece. Handle is Black Buffalo Horn as are the balls of the guard & pommel. 537 HOURS went into this creation.  The original first three by Willie Rigney, Jim Ence & Imel were requested by J.W. Bailey at the Anaheim show in early '85 Gary did all the carvings with specific requirements for the shape & detail // The project took 7 years from beginning to end with over 1872 total hours by these four great makers.  Gary was told by the steel company that the process of carving into the steel was impossible yet here it is today! *Photo by Hiro Soga*
CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE Kachina's Set of 4. J.W. Bailey, a San Diego Collector commissioned the Kachina pieces back in the 1980s and eventually sold them to Eric Meyer










(Back Side Viewing). With Eric Meyer these beauties have lived in Switzerland, NY, Michigan. They are finally home in Calif~  FOR SALE $130,500










Jim Ence Dr Darom Book 2004 Jim built these over a 3 yr time span and used 24 ct gold along with premium stag and Big Sheep horn,etc. They will be sold as either a 6 or 7 pc set. POR Jim Ence Dr Darom Book 2004
"DOUBLE RACOONS"  David Daroms 'Great Collections'Bk IV

Ence Battle Axe  Jade & Ebony handle This is one of only two Battle Axes Jim has made over the years. For Sale $7,500 


Willie Rigney NYFSWeyer IV
"Charolite /Old Diminion Engraving by David Perdue. This is perhaps one of the finest pieces that I own today.  It is truly a masterpiece by a remarkable retired maker.Erpr

Koji Hara-  steel-cowry-y India stag top 15" overall-10" blade Very Rare Koji Big Bears NYFS
$9.600 set


Warenski-EricksonDagger with photo by Eric Eggly/David Darom
This is one of Curt's finest daggers ever created for the AKI show.  See more detail on Page 5 NYFS

  From the Phil Lobred Collection: Jim Ence Poppy handle  5&3/4" blade oal of 10&1/2", silver hilt, gold inlay, silver sheath. Provenance: Custom Fixed Blade Kinves-David Darom-Page 121

SPECIAL $4,999.99


Lloyd Hale with beautiful Mother of Pearl/Abalony inlays and of course Lloyd's incredible file work, all done by hand.
Not For Sale YET

John Young ~ Two of his finest. waited 4 yrs for sub hilt CHUTE with great stag// The top sub hilt was the lottery pick at Dan Delevan's ANNUAL Plaza Cutlery Show  10/2012. Reverse shows John's 15th Anniv yrFor Sale $5000 ea & a tiny bit more for his 15th Anniv Logo Loveless with Alvin Chewiwi engraving. Alvin had a house full of makers begging for his time at the Reno show. And now "William Henry Knives" have employed Mr Chewiwi~ Watch for Blade Magazine articles forth coming. For Sale Bolsters have $2K of engraving/gold. $8,500



 NOTICE~Willie Rigney "Please come out of retirement" The ART WORLD NEED YOU.  SOLD



Master Engraver Ron Skaggs who has been working with Willie since the early 90's. The detail is beyond belief. Raised gold Dragon Fly on one ricasso & a golden Bull Frog on the other.Made around 1993 SOLD


Sir Donald Hume ~The "Corn Maiden"  15" oal ~Jim Ferguson twisted nickel damascus blade with two rings of gold nuggets and gold inlay by the famous ALVIN CHEWIWI, a lignum vitae handle shaped like a corn husk and a gold plated bronze pommel carved to depict a 'corn maiden'~Completed in 2012 prior to his death in April. Here he lives on!FOR SALE    $4,000

Likarich  NYFS Blade Mag 5/01 Weyer Book 2007/David Daroms Bk IV Great Collection  Book Not for sale yet!!!




Another Fantastic piece by STEVE LIKARICH
7" blade and 12"OAL.
file work on both the top and underside. Purples
& blues titanium liners make this glow in the dark. NOT FOR SALE







Curt Erickson/Julie Warenski  Blade is 440C with a 3 piece guard of German Silver with 24ct gold beaded inlays & engraving.  This piece is absolutely priceless with 4 ctw's of diamonds and Rubies.
$24,950 In David Darom's Book Page 246 "The World of Art Knives"
Titled-Eternity Art~The guard also features ruby gemstones & pave diamonds that are set into the centerpiece of the three piece guard. The handle frame is wrapped with German Silver & contains 24ct gold beaded inlays  with engraving on the sides.

$23500 SPECIAL

The Eternity design is made of blued gunmetal steel and a ruby gemstone in the center. Pave diamonds are set into the background. Full metal sheath from German Silver. 2ctw of pave diamonds & 2ctw ruby gemstones w/ 24ct gold inlay.
  Top=John Young and bottom is an incredible piece by Thad Buchanan

TOP $4500
BOTTOM $2850

Jim Ence Pic #2 Fantastic Agate from China -Gold wire wrap with Jim's engraving, gold inlay on blade and gold nuggets on pommel.  Just an incredible dagger. 8&1/2" blade with 14" oal. $8,800



Buster Warenski: This sword is mid 70's vintage and was sold at auction in late (70's) renowned auction of Dr Jack Holfield's collection. $17,875 ***




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